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Disney Princesses

A slightly brighter and bolder individual is seen in Cinderella. With constant dreams of finding her prince, this girl dares to blow off her stepmother when it becomes necessary. Her voice is thicker, but still soft, and she remains very sweet.

Pocahontas is a playful, high spirited daughter of the Indian chief. She has this wonderful relashionship with nature and animals.. And like most of the disney heroines wants to find a true love.

Belle is the perfect version of a woman for this day in age. Not only is she beautiful, kind, and willing to stand up for herself, but she is also smart and able to overcome superficial ideas that are so prominent in the earlier girls. Everyone loves her, as with all the other princesses, but this time it is because Belle works for their friendship and constantly proves her virtue.

Mulan is loyal, heroic and independent heroin. Even though she tries to fit in very hard she is born to stand out. Her real ralents show themselves when Mulan"s father and country are in danger. With a dragon Mushu (who needs to settle things right for himself) and a "lucky" bug, she can save the day.

Jasmine is a beautiful princess. She witty, curious, and dreamer. All her life she spent in palace and doesn"t know about life out side. Can"t stand being forced to do something even if the law says so.

Ariel is much more of an independent women, but not in the perfect way. She is very mischievous and adventurous, and she follows her own path even though she makes bad decisions that lead to trouble. When she sacrifices her voice for a chance at her dream of marrying Prince Eric, she proves her progression and strength.

Snow White
As the founder of all future princesses, Snow White is painted with skin as white as the snow and lips as red as blood. (Light skin was a sign of royalty.) Her voice is high but quiet, like that of a child, so that her prince can be seen as her protector. This fair young maiden is sweet and innocent, but also rather dim witted and stupid.